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Alpha Water Technologies(AWT) started with a team of highly qualified and experienced personnel more than a decade in water and wastewater treatment. It delivers the purification technology with a variety of enviroment friendly treatment options based on membrane separation processes, biological separation processes, ozonisation etc.

With the innovative ideas and cintinuous experience people at AWT are specilised in membrane separation processes viz. Microfiltration,Ultrafiltration, Naofiltration and Reverse Osmosis treatments. And they also implemented a variety of specialised membrane processes with energy efficient multiple effort evaporators for Zero Liquid Discharge(ZLD) for various industries in various applications.

AWT takes pride in setting industry standards for technical excellence and product innovation in manufacturing,erecting and servicing various applications such as...

Industrial Segment:
Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Leather, Paper Industries, Hotels, Hospitals where large quantities of water is used / effluent is generated.

Domestic Segment:
Areas where ground water is becoming increasingly contaminated with salts/chemicals and water source is only the salt/sea water.


To disseminate the knowledge & latest technology in its true shape across industrial and domestic clients there by technology is used at its best.

To provide right, cost effective, timely delivery of plant and machineries for efficient utilization.

To identify the problems with the existing plants and revamp/service them to give the designed productivity and optimizing for the energy consumed.

To take up the burden of operation and maintenance of water and effluent treatment plants from the clients whose main business is of-course not treating the water/ effluent.

To conserve water by implementing the concept of recycling the treated effluent.

To provide the total solution for all the water treatment needs.


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