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Filters offered as vertical type for capacity up 100 cu.m/h and for larger flow rates as horizontal or vertical valve less type.
MOC of filter is selected based on the feed water to avoid corrosion Mild Steel with FRP/ Rubber lining, stainless steel 304/316 and FRP.
Operating pressures up to 8 kg/cm2
Filter media selected based on the feed water suspended solids/turbidity values.
Different media used in filters are: Pebbles , gravels, coarse / fine sand , anthracite, green sand , activated carbon etc. depending on the application.
Operation shall be automated using automatic valves.


Mostly iron in ground water is present in ferrous form. When this water is exposed to atmospheric oxygen, ferrous converted to ferric form and hence the red color is formed. Hence the iron removal treatment systems are designed with rapid oxidation by addition chlorine followed by setting and filtration.


Generally constructed circular in shape with a hopper bottom. A slow moving racker arm rotates around, scrapping and bringing the deposited suspended solids to the centre well, from which it is taken out as sludge.


Air from a blower will be diffused through a Diffuser grid. It consists of porous membranes of dia disc or tubular type diffusers made of EPDM material.
The diffusers are of non-buoyant type, which during shutdown condition contracts to prevent any back-flow.
Diffusers are designed to ensure uniform permeability and to produce a flow of fine air bubbles and provides high contact area and more contact time due to slow rise of the bubbles which makes the system very efficient in terms of oxygen transfer efficiency thus low installed HP for the blower drive and hence low operational cost.


Ultrafiltation is a low pressure membrane filtration to selectively remove suspended and colloidal particles upto a level of 0.001 micron in size. UF is generally used as pre-treatment to RO plants. UF membranes are available in hollow fibre or spiral wound in configuration, we use such membranes from reputed manufacturers.


Ozone has been widely used in water and waste water treatment. It is used for disinfection and odour removal in drinking water. Its highly oxidising capacity reduces colour, COD in waste waters and
also breaks organic rings to improve the biodegradability. It is safe to hanldle, eco friendly and does not produce any by products in the water.

We incorporate teh most efficient ozone machines manufactured by M/s.
Qingdao Guolin Industry CO. Ltd, China.

One of the largest manufacturers in the world.


  • Either for raw water or treated effluent recycling, our RO plants are designed for optimum conditions of membrane life, investment &operating cost.
  • It is done after through understanding and analysis of feed water conditions in worst probabilities with right kind of pre treatment steps.
  • RO plants are offered with enough safety measure and automation.
  • Out of the leading membrane manufactures right kind of membrane is selected and offered for specific requirements.
  • In worst cases ultra filtration is offered as pre treatment to RO plant.


Evaporators for different applications like:-
concentration of high TDS effluent water
concentration of dilute liquids like food products,fruit juices etc., in different configurations like:-
Multistage falling film type
Forced circulation
Natural circulation etc., in combination with thermal vapour recompresses (TVR) for steam economy.


Turnkey execution of ETPS for different kind of process industries like textile, tannery food, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper industries etc..
Successfully completed more than 100 installations for textile processing industries with Reverse Osmosis(RO) Plant for water reuse & ZERO DISCHARGE. .


Compact, modular as well as turnkey installation of STP for residential apartments, hotels, hospitals, institutions, corporations for treatment of total sewage water generated and reuse.


Turnkey installation of packaged drinking water as per BIS/WHO standards.


Due to the growth in industrial activity level of contamination or pollution in water bodies and ground water increased. Hence the latest statutory requirement is Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). i.e industry should treat and reuse the entire effluent within their premise.

To achieve the ZLD, effluent needs to be treated in series of steps like primary, secondary, tertiary and fed to water recovery plant (RO plant). The reject from the final recovery plant need to be evaporated and converted into solids.
AWT have installed these ZLD ETP for many industries and are in successful operation.

Primary: Collection, Screan ing equalization, Oil & Grease separation, colour removal, sedimentation using different machineries and techniques are in the primary part.

Secondary: Biological (Anaerobic and or Aerobic) treatment is called secondary treatment.

Tertiary: Disinfection, residual colour, TSS removal, Filtration (Media filters, Micro filtration, Ultrafiltration) are called tertiary treatment.

Reverse Osmosis Plant: To reduce the Total dissolved solids in the treated effluent, to facilitate reuse of water in the process. It can be of 2 or 3 stages to have high recovery and at the same time less reject.
Reject Handling: Reject from RO plant contains high amount of dissolved solids, hence need to be evaporated using Multiple effect evaporators (MEE).
Condensate recovered is reused, solids are purified and reused in certain application or disposed into Secured Land Fills(SLF) meant for hazardous waste. .

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